New Wind Photography – Montreal's Leading Wedding Photo Co.

Why New Wind?

A simple dream, no, not just that, can you just appreciate there’s something we must find
I’m not a “punker”, just a human being, with this urge to exercise what’s in my heart and mind
It’s not me hiding, from reality, pretend that I can shine it, turn around and walk away
The contradiction, seems to follow you, assuring that there is really nothing we can’t do

Those lyrics were written by a seminal positive hardcore band called 7 Seconds. Like many hardcore and punk rock bands, their lyrics helped me though those awkward teenage years and helped form my beliefs, ethics and who I have become.

I get asked all the time why I named my company New Wind.

To me, the idea of a new wind is a new direction of thinking, a new set of ideals. Their are thousands of wedding photographers out there, most of whom I believe do a disservice to their clients.

A photographer should blend into the background and faithfully record what is before them. I have been to many weddings where the photographer becomes a distraction;  moving around at inappropriate times; photographing the ceremony from 2 feet away, sharing the altar with the bride, groom and officiant; and the worst offense; standing in front of the parents of the bride for a good part of the ceremony, in effect blocking their view of the biggest day of their daughters life!

The wedding industry can be very cut-throat. Vendors talk behind the backs of others, people get aggressive or pushy with their sales pitches, promises are made but not delivered upon.

That is not my aesthetic. That is not my mentality. I want my clients to know that they do not have a thing to worry about when it comes to the photography of their wedding.

The song speaks of being yourself, of being true to yourself. The extension is of being true to your vision, and most importantly, to your client.


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