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Melanie and Danny!

Melanie and Danny were married on the 24th of July, 2010 in Coteau-Du-Lac, which is west of Montreal. I usually photograph the full day, from the early morning preparation of the bride and the bridal party at a salon or other venue, straight through until the day ends at the reception. Melanie and Danny wanted only the ceremony photographed, with a quick portrait session afterward.

As the wedding venue was right next to a Parks Canada National Historic Site, we couldn’t resist using it as a portrait location. An important lesson for all to remember is that if you would like to use a specific place for your portraits, contact the land-management firm who looks after permits or the owners directly if it is on private property; you will want to make sure you have the necessary permission to use the grounds.

The ceremony was beautiful. It was a subtle outdoors affair, which matched the personalities of Danny and Melanie perfectly. It was comical at times though; pedestrians and cars were rushing by 50 feet from the altar, accompanied by random horn toots and shouts of encouragement!

As always, I try to look for the smaller details which help tell the story more completely. Photographs such as Melanie’s hand holding Danny’s ring as she prepared to put it onto his finger for the first time, or Danny’s Best Man holding the lit Unity candle can add a different rhythm to the album.




It was a fantastic day, the clouds that were threatening did not open up, and Melanie and Danny were married surrounded by their friends and loved ones!


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