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Patrick and Shauneen: All You Need Is Love…

Patrick looks through a book that Shauneen presented to him as a gift on their wedding day.


One of the best things about being a photographer is the people I have been fortunate enough to have met. Through working for newspapers, covering sporting events and concerts, corporate shoots, covering comedy festivals and of course, shooting weddings… I have met all kinds of people from all walks of life.

Enter Patrick and Shauneen. I met the happy couple through a mutual friend, and from our first meeting, we had an instant connection. Laid back and easy going does not do them justice…I just knew i was going to be an awesome wedding to photograph!


Shauneen holds a lucky Six-Pence.


Arriving at the salon early on Saturday morning, I met Shauneen’s bridesmaids and her mom. Shooting the morning prep, whether it is at a salon, house or wherever, helps set a tone for the day’s photography. It gives me the chance to get to know everyone there, and for them to get to know me and see my shooting style. Also, it is always fun to see a sequence of photos showing the bride getting ready for her big day!


The girls help the younger girls get ready.


Once the prep was done, I raced over to Patrick’s parent’s house as Shauneen wanted his reaction receiving his gift photographed. It was an emotional and awesome moment which I was glad to capture!


Shauneen and her father share one last Guinness before she is wed.


The ceremony itself was beautiful. The pinnacle of the ceremony was right at the end when Shauneen gave Patrick a second surprise…from the back of the church, a violinist, flutist and guitarist stood up, and accompanied by 3 singers, performed the Beatles’ All You Need Is Love.


The portrait locations,chosen by Patrick and Shauneen were all great! A bonus was that they were all very close to where I grew up, so pre-visualizing photographs was a snap. We went to a building that was named for Patrick’s grandfather, a place near the water in Pointe-Claire Village, and Terracotta park.



Most brides fear rain on their wedding day, and though we didn’t get wet, we certainly got beautifully dramatic skies! It was windy…but definitely worth the effort!

After the portraits were made, off we were to the reception. The awesome night was capped off with dancing, heartfelt speeches and great food!



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