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A few photo passes

During my photographic career, I’ve been fortunate enough to photograph many many concerts. In truth, I got into photography because of music and photographing concerts for fun. This photograph contains some of my passes from the past few years.


Ring shot pt. 1


The rings and the shoes...two of the most important parts of the outfit!

Finding a new way to photograph the shoes and the rings of the couple is always a challenge. I shoot them individually, but I do try to take the time to try and combine them into one shot when I can. It’s a fun way to create a memorable photograph that will be enjoyed for years to come!

Shot on a Canon 5d MkII with a 100mm Macro lens and available light. The readings were 800 ISO, 1/160th of a second at f/4

Candid is as Candid does…

There is something to be said about a candid image, one in which the subjects are completely unaware they are being photographed, or at least are not posing for the camera.


It’s no secret that I love to work as unobtrusively as possible; who really wants a loud, obnoxious photographer who will be yelling and carrying on all night anyways? Don’t get me wrong, there is the right time and place for posed photographs, the formals for example, but when the lighting in the room permits, shooting with available light is the way to go. The resulting photographs will have an almost cinematic feel to them, as if they are scenes from a movie, and your guests will almost certainly love them much more than the “smile and say cheesy” photographs.

Newlywed Anthony inspects his ring as best man Corey Checks out bride Kristy's new jewelry.

Newlywed Anthony inspects his ring as best man Corey Checks out bride Kristy's new jewelry.

These photographs can be made before, during and after the ceremony, the important thing is that they are made. They can be funny, introspective, touching…done right and they will be the photographs that people will remember for years as they are the ones that will be the true representation of your wedding. People will look at them and remember the moment they were sharing with one another, not the one where the photographer stopped them mid conversation to ham it up!