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Go Fly a Kite!

I just felt like sharing a couple of portraits I made along the Lakeshore in Lachine, Quebec. The set-up was pretty simple, which is usually the best way to go. One flash, mounted to the left of the camera on a light stand, triggered by a Pocket Wizard remote. Simple. The key was to make sure to underexpose the sky so my subjects would pop off of the background. Enjoy!


Sherrill and Spencer

This past fall I had the pleasure of photographing Sherrill and her son Spencer.

We met in a park in Kirkland, Quebec, and took advantage of the playground, the foliage and the crisp autumn air!

If you, or anyone you know, would like a family portrait session, please do not hesitate to contact us at

New Wind Photo facebook page now online!

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A quick self promo…

I have finally set up the New Wind Photography facebook fan page. You will find tons of information about New Wind Photography and lots of sample photos, more being added all of the time. Please stop on by and “like” us!

A bit about New Wind Photography: We are a wedding photography company located in Montreal Canada.

Here’s the link: NewWindPhoto Facebook



Melanie and Danny!

Melanie and Danny were married on the 24th of July, 2010 in Coteau-Du-Lac, which is west of Montreal. I usually photograph the full day, from the early morning preparation of the bride and the bridal party at a salon or other venue, straight through until the day ends at the reception. Melanie and Danny wanted only the ceremony photographed, with a quick portrait session afterward.

As the wedding venue was right next to a Parks Canada National Historic Site, we couldn’t resist using it as a portrait location. An important lesson for all to remember is that if you would like to use a specific place for your portraits, contact the land-management firm who looks after permits or the owners directly if it is on private property; you will want to make sure you have the necessary permission to use the grounds.

The ceremony was beautiful. It was a subtle outdoors affair, which matched the personalities of Danny and Melanie perfectly. It was comical at times though; pedestrians and cars were rushing by 50 feet from the altar, accompanied by random horn toots and shouts of encouragement!

As always, I try to look for the smaller details which help tell the story more completely. Photographs such as Melanie’s hand holding Danny’s ring as she prepared to put it onto his finger for the first time, or Danny’s Best Man holding the lit Unity candle can add a different rhythm to the album.




It was a fantastic day, the clouds that were threatening did not open up, and Melanie and Danny were married surrounded by their friends and loved ones!

Jazman and Mike!

Photographing a wedding, the union of two people for the rest of their lives, is always a special occasion. This is especially true when the bride and groom happen to be very close friends of mine.

Jazman and Mike were married on May 22nd 2010 along the lakeshore in Lachine, Quebec. An outdoor wedding is always a risk, and one in May is an even bigger one. The rain fell in the morning, but by the time the ceremony started, the rain had passed.

The day was fantastic! Everything went off without a hitch, and Jazman and Mike are now wed!

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A few photo passes

During my photographic career, I’ve been fortunate enough to photograph many many concerts. In truth, I got into photography because of music and photographing concerts for fun. This photograph contains some of my passes from the past few years.

Free E-Session with all booked weddings…

That’s right folks! As a thank you to our clients, we are offering a free 2 hour engagement session with all booked full-day weddings. That’s a $500 value! You can use the photos on your wedding websites, as invitation cards, profile pictures on your favorite social networking site…it’s up to you!

We’re currently booking our 2010 and 2011 seasons, and unlike most good deals, this one does not expire!

Contact us at 514-238-4529 or for more information!

Ring shot pt. 1


The rings and the shoes...two of the most important parts of the outfit!

Finding a new way to photograph the shoes and the rings of the couple is always a challenge. I shoot them individually, but I do try to take the time to try and combine them into one shot when I can. It’s a fun way to create a memorable photograph that will be enjoyed for years to come!

Shot on a Canon 5d MkII with a 100mm Macro lens and available light. The readings were 800 ISO, 1/160th of a second at f/4

New Directory Listing

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Just a quick FYI to point you over to the following link:

It’s my new page over at Wedding Wire.

If you know of anyone getting married,please point ’em in that direction!



Why New Wind?

A simple dream, no, not just that, can you just appreciate there’s something we must find
I’m not a “punker”, just a human being, with this urge to exercise what’s in my heart and mind
It’s not me hiding, from reality, pretend that I can shine it, turn around and walk away
The contradiction, seems to follow you, assuring that there is really nothing we can’t do

Those lyrics were written by a seminal positive hardcore band called 7 Seconds. Like many hardcore and punk rock bands, their lyrics helped me though those awkward teenage years and helped form my beliefs, ethics and who I have become.

I get asked all the time why I named my company New Wind.

To me, the idea of a new wind is a new direction of thinking, a new set of ideals. Their are thousands of wedding photographers out there, most of whom I believe do a disservice to their clients.

A photographer should blend into the background and faithfully record what is before them. I have been to many weddings where the photographer becomes a distraction;  moving around at inappropriate times; photographing the ceremony from 2 feet away, sharing the altar with the bride, groom and officiant; and the worst offense; standing in front of the parents of the bride for a good part of the ceremony, in effect blocking their view of the biggest day of their daughters life!

The wedding industry can be very cut-throat. Vendors talk behind the backs of others, people get aggressive or pushy with their sales pitches, promises are made but not delivered upon.

That is not my aesthetic. That is not my mentality. I want my clients to know that they do not have a thing to worry about when it comes to the photography of their wedding.

The song speaks of being yourself, of being true to yourself. The extension is of being true to your vision, and most importantly, to your client.